4 Tips to Create the Perfect Livonia, Michigan, Outdoor Space this Summer

The summer months are best spent outdoors. Whether you are hosting a BBQ, playing soccer with the kids, or working on your summertime tan, the first step is to create an outdoor living space in your Livonia, Michigan, home that is comfortable and entertaining.

Create a Place to Relax

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There is nothing more relaxing than sitting outdoors on a comfortable lounge chair with a cold drink in your hand. Ideally, comfortable patio lounges with large cushions are a top choice. Outdoor sofas and loveseats are also a great choice if you intend to host a lot of guests this summer. Set up outdoor furniture in the part of the yard that you plan to spend the most time. This might be around a fire pit or on the patio, overlooking the deck.

Add a Level of Privacy

You might enjoy catching up with your neighbors from time to time, but that does not mean that you want to enjoy every summer activity with them. Installing a privacy fence is one way to increase the privacy of your backyard space. You could also install large bushes or trees that block out neighboring views. Bushes can also act as a noise barrier if you intend to listen to your favorite songs all summer long.

Incorporate Lighting into Your Design

Summer days turn into summer nights and outdoor lighting will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space much longer. Using string lights across fences and patios can give your outdoor space a fun look. Motion sensors are also a great choice and allow you to light up certain parts of the yard. Make sure you also light up any walkways or paths to ensure all guests are safe.

Eliminate Annoying Pests

Don’t let bugs ruin your outdoor celebrations. Bugs can be a major inconvenience both during the day and at night. They can ruin your BBQ and make it uncomfortable to enjoy your outdoor space. Keeping food covered and closing garbage bags will help with keeping bugs away from your outdoor entertaining space. There are a few natural herb plants that can keep bugs away. Also, the lighting that you use can also either attract or detract different types of bugs.


If you notice any large groups of a specific bug, it is important to take action immediately. Bug infestations like ants, bees, crickets, and spiders can quickly get out of control. One phone call to a professional and you can enjoy your outdoor space without having to worry about bugs taking over. At Pest-EZ East, we use natural products that are safe for you and your family.

Pest Control Services in Livonia, MI

Creating an outdoor space that is comfortable, private, and bug-free can help you enjoy summer. Summer in Livonia, Michigan, is already short. Don’t let bugs take over your outdoor space and ruin the time you get to enjoy your summer.


We understand how quickly bugs can ruin your summertime fun. Our pest control services in Livonia, Troy, Royal Oak, Detroit, and Birmingham, and all throughout Wayne County, Michigan, will allow you to enjoy your summer bug-free.


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